Construction Site Supervisor

Job Description

Our client is looking for a Site Superintendent on a permanent full time basis for their Toronto location. If you possess the skills listed below please submit a word copy of your resume. For more information please call Darrell at 647-622-6991. Please note that to qualify for this position you must have extensive ICI experience.

Primary Functions, Responsibilities and Duties:


  • Oversee, manage and document all day to day job site activities
  • Direct all field personnel according to the projects plans, specifications and generally accepted construction principles
  • Communicate issues, events, performance and progress daily to the Project Manager
  • Report any problems promptly to the Project Manager and help to facilitate the most cost effective, schedule neutral solution
  • Establish good working relationships with the clients, consultants, trades, municipal officials and our clients team members
  • Request advice and assistance from the Project Manager on matters pertaining to materials, phasing, drawing coordination, schedule, costs, personnel, etc.
  • Perform additional assignments as directed by superiors or as required for successful completion of the project


  • Ensure that all sub-contractors participate in a pre-construction safety meeting and that they have all necessary training, certification and documentation.
  • Review the project daily to ensure that all activities are being performed in accordance with all governing health and safety requirements


  • Ensure that all inspections occur as per the schedule so as not to impact the progress of subsequent work.
  • Ensure that all inspections are approved, documented, and communicated to the project team

Site Management

  • Manage the site including layout, utilization, storage and staging plans
  • Mobilize the field office and maintain the job site to our clients standards
  • Organize the documentation of the job site for easy access and review
  • Manage the sub-contractor’s performance, manpower levels and productivity
  • Manage our clients on site labour
  • Monitor labour time spent and materials used on scope of work changes
  • Work with the Project Manager to identify and resolve issues and revisions
  • Document and report site activities and progress daily


  • Complete and implement the construction office checklist including the emergency contact phone list
  • Completes daily reports and maintains logs of key activities, files and shop drawings
  • Prepare detailed daily time sheets
  • Manage the quantity, quality and condition of all equipment and material delivered to the site
  • Maintain the required reporting as outlined in our clients Corporate Health and Safety Policy
  • Adhere to job site specific health and safety policy
  • Ensure that as-built working drawings are maintained as well as the current drawing log and revisions log. Communicate these to all sub-contractors


  • Ensure all final inspections and sign-offs take place
  • Confirm closing of permits and issuance of certificates and licenses
  • Manage the sub-contractor close out, transfer of utilities, the deficiency list and owner training and hand-off
  • Confirm the commissioning of all project equipment and systems
  • In conjunction with the Project manager, prepare the deficiency list and track completion of item.